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Workplace Safety and Insurance Board - WSIB
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Most medical treatments may be covered through extended or work health plans, WSIB, motor vehicle accident insurance plans or self-pay.

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WSIB stands for Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. WSIB is an Ontario government agency, which was established to provide health care and lost wages to employees who were injured at work. The main goal of the WSIB is to get injured workers back to work as soon as possible.

The WSIB is a "no fault" system, which means that compensation is paid even if the accident was the worker's, employer's, or someone else's fault. Your employer contributes to a province-wide insurance fund and is protected from any other liability. In most cases you cannot sue your employer for negligence if you've been injured at work.

The WSIB benefits will pay for chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments if it was recommended by a family doctor or your physician. Medication is also covered as long as it’s required to treat your injury and was approved by the WSIB. If you require travelling for a medical treatment the WSIB may cover mileage, or part of travel expenses. It is important to note that approval for mileage should be requested in advance.

There is a six-month time limit to apply for the WSIB benefits. If you have been injured at work, you should not wait and apply for the WSIB benefits right away.

Most WSIB cases are not complicated and injured worker is paid benefits while recovering for a work related injury. In some complicated cases, if you are denied WSIB benefits, you must obtain legal counselling that has experience with the worker's compensation system. A Legal representative can help you to get the maximum out of benefits paid to you.